Affiliate Marketting -The Truth

What is affiliate marketting?

The road to online affiliate marketting success is littered with failures, broken relationships and resentment. The truth is that 95% of 0nline internet affiliate marketers have never made a penny ever. Many give up too easily and go back to their jobs-a life of slavery and misery. WHY? When there is so much fast easy money to be made!

Your journey to becoming a successful  affiliate marketer can be easy or near impossible. There are many quick ways to make permanent consistent residual income online; get some cash stress relief and build confidence at the same time.
• YOU need discipline, specific knowledge and complete faith in yourself.
• You must accept the fact that if you are not making any money, then the problem lies within your knowledge, techniques and tactics.
• You must be willing to learn from people that are already successful in your affiliate marketing niche.
Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing -the truth.  If done correctly affiliate marketing will bring you immense success overnight. However when you use the wrong products, methods and tactics then you are on the way to constant frustration, desperation and the blame game.

Why should you choose affiliate marketting over internet marketting?

The aim and goal of Internet Affiliate Marketing is to be able to have constant sources of income; in a very short time. Many internet newbies do understand that time is valuable, precious, extremely limited. You can either try to figure everything out or use other people methods; follow someone that is already making good constant income. Master leverage, delegation and most of all outsourcing.

Word of caution-easy with your marketing expenditures at first and always test your returns.

Rapid Success with internet marketting.

Some people believe that you must be passionate about your niche to make money with affiliate programs. This is not always true; otherwise more people will be making boatloads of cash. Just take a look at people writing scientific papers and such! They are almost homeless. What I’ve found out is that you become successful by sticking to one niche, one or two products and concentrate on only one marketing tactical approach(PPC,PPV, article marketing- whatever). One thing at a time. Learn everything about your chosen affiliate marketing approach.
Writing  content is great; however sometimes it can take an awful long time before you see results. By concentrating on affiliate marketing first, you could be earning a consistent income while learning the business of internet marketing.

Pitfalls of affiliate marketing.

Internet affiliate marketting is full of scams; such as somebody selling you a million back-links or writing 4 articles for $2. There are too many distractions and  scammers trying to sell  softwares and gimmicks that you do not need and will never use. Refrain from the impulse to buy new toys when you are desperate,not seeing progress and not making money. If you do not see results from your marketing efforts, go back and examine everything in detail. Often it is just a small thing that is preventing you from really achieving big success.

How to attack Affiliate Marketing Head On.

My goal is for you to make informed decisions, so that you can quickly achieve your internet marketing goals and dreams. ONLINE MARKETING PROVEN METHODS that will teach you the processes involved in making your first income online. Programs Designed for people willing to take action and succeed. Clear, simple, excellent information, step-by-step guide and videos that you can watch and replicate  to get  similar results.

Your transition to online entrepreneur.

  1. Your state of mind and being is critical to your online affiliate marketing success. This is the most important thing to happiness, success, building a business,becoming the entrepreneur. So you must act like an entrepreneur; really believe in yourself. You must have a business attitude with strict discipline when going at your Affiliate ventures. *Turn on your computer at more or less  the same time every day. *Cut off watching TV COMPLETELY. **Do not divulge your plans to too many people because often your most immediate family will be your worst nightmare.

Affiliate Marketting- The Truth .

Because I was hard headed and trying to re-invent the wheel It took me a while to achieve success but you don’t have to. Just follow the above principles and my friend,You will see results in a very short time. When you make money, I make money. So you better believe that I want you to succeed quick.

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